Friday, August 29, 2014


Today is a great look for cool summer nights and for the upcoming fall, I love comfy flannel tops and this one has stretch in it too so I can move freely in it. I'm obsessed with these jeans they are seriously like pajamas they are pull on with an elastic waist and stretchy. What more could a girl want?! I hope you have a great weekend!

Top Free People(old): Similar & Similar Style
Pants: Free People 
Sunglasses: American Eagle
Necklace (old): Similar
Bracelet(old): Similar

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Although I'm excited to dress for fall with scarves, booties, and jackets. I'm really going to miss just throwing on a kimono, they have been my favorite thing to wear this summer. Not that I won't be able to wear them in the fall and winter, but definitely not by themselves once the cold weather kicks in. I just want to share my experience with the fit of kimonos for me, normally I wear a medium in shirts and every kimono I have is an x-small or a small. They definitely run big so if you are looking to purchase one I would for sure size down. This is totally off topic but my cute baby boy gets his helmet off in two days. I think I'm more excited than he is, it really doesn't seem to bother him. I can't wait to kiss his head and snuggle him without his helmet. Happy Wednesday, thanks for reading my blog.

Kimono Forever21(old): Similar & Love this Free People Kimono
White tank: Threads 4 Thought
Shoes: BCBG also Available here & Here
Sunglasses Steve Madden(old): Similar
Necklace (old): Similar
Bracelet: Similar

Monday, August 25, 2014


Today's outfit makes me feel girly and pretty. I love this outfit because its really versatile. I can wear it like this for a date, then switch out the pants for a black pencil skirt and wear it to church. I hope everyone has a great start to the week!

Sunglasses Steve Madden(old): Similar
Pants: James Jeans
Necklace Zara(old): Splurge , Spend,  Save

Friday, August 22, 2014


I haven't been this excited for Friday, since last Friday! Seriously though I'm so excited its the weekend. Today's outfit is an everyday outfit I wear to run errands with the babies. Its definitely simple, just a pair of jeans and a tee. I always add something special to any outfit with my shoes. I like original and funky shoes, that add that extra something to a plain outfit. Since I have had my twins you will definitely see me without makeup more than with it, so in this post you will notice I'm not even wearing lip gloss, and I'm rocking my hair from yesterday. This is plain old me that didn't have time to get ready before we had to run errands. Plus if I'm not really going anywhere that special I hate to waste makeup, its too expensive.

I really want to start doing giveaways, what is everyone interested in winning. Hair product, accessories(scarves, jewelry), makeup? Comment below and let me know, have a great weekend.

jeans Gap(old): Similar
Bracelet Diesel(old): Similar Style

Monday, August 18, 2014


I want to thank Happiness Undefined for nominating me,  you can check out her amazing blog at


1- My hair is a huge afro, I have to tame it down big time.
2- I love to watch WWE Wrestling with my hubby.
3- I still dream about meeting Britney Spears. I will always be obsessed with her.
4- I can do a cool clover shape with my tongue.
5- I hate making left hand turns when I'm driving.
6- I love the zoo, I always want to go for my birthday.
7- I literally cried real tears when The Hills went off the air.
8- I love the ocean, it seriously makes me happy instantly stepping onto the beach.
9- I love to draw and make crafts.
10-  I try not to show it, but I'm really struggling with being overweight. I hate feeling self conscious and wish I lost all my baby weight months ago.
11- I love watching Shark Week.

1- What is the main goal for your blog? Meet friends, create a business? My main goal is to have fun, I love meeting new people so that is definitely a bonus. If my blog turns into a business that would be amazing, having a job that I love doing would rock.

2- If you had to chose one year to be your favorite, what would it be? 2013 was my favorite. Although I went through some pretty big trials last year, My twins came into my life in 2013 and they are my whole world. I love them so much, they truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me and my husband.
3- What is your go to nail color? I'm kind of plain with my nails, I like them short and natural, no polish. I'm seriously weird about my nails. I can't stand having fake nails, I have only had them done for prom and my wedding.
4- Sandals, flats, or boots? Flats for sure, they are so comfortable.
5- What are your all time and current favorite movies? How to lose a guy in 10 days, is my all time favorite movie. I can't even tell you how many times I've watched it, I have it memorized. My second favorite movie is Easy A with Emma Stone. I love her she is for sure one of my favorite actresses.
6- What is your favorite season and why? Spring, its so refreshing after a gloomy winter. The flowers and sunshine just bring so much joy to me after a long winter.
7- Favorite actor and actress? Actor- Ryan Gosling Actress- Emma Stone. If you have seen Crazy, Stupid Love they are probably your favorite too. I love that movie as well.
8- What is your most worn scent? DKNY Be Delicious
9- It's a cold Monday morning, what outfit do you pull from your closet? All black because its easy and I'm probably in a hurry if its a Monday. I would throw on a printed scarf to add a little something and some fun Jeffrey Campbell booties.
10- What song do you currently have on replay? Selena Gomez, when your ready, come and get it. I'm kind of obsessed with Selena Gomez, I have been since she was on Wizards of Waverly Place.
11- Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years? Hopefully a successful style blogger, I will for sure be a dance mom. I can't wait to put my little girl in ballet, I just hope she loves to dance as much as I do. I just see myself being a mom, wife, and loving life taking care of my sweet babies.

-Thank the blogger that nominated you, link in the post. 
-Write 11 random facts about yourself!
-Answer the questions they set you..
-Set 11 questions for your nominees, your own or from the previous blogger.
- And nominate 11 bloggers, or less if you really have to! 
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Megan from For All Things Lovely
Brittany from The Glittering Life
Heather from No Reason Needed
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Megan from Pretty in Pink Megan
Arin from Heart Of Chic
Amber from Barefoot Blonde
Cara from Cara Loren
Courtney from What Courtney Wore
Stay Styled OC
Jennifer from Xposed Beauty

-What is the main goal for your blog? Meet friends, create a business?
- If you had to choose only one store you could shop at, what would it be? 

- What is your favorite color to wear?
- Sandals, flats, heels or boots? 
- What are your all time and current favorite movies? 
- What is your favorite season of the year and why? 
- Favorite actor and actress? 
- What is your most worn scent? 
- It's a cold Monday morning, what outfit do you pull from your closet? 
- What song do you currently have on replay?
- Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years? 

Friday, August 15, 2014


I can't believe I'm posting about transitioning to fall clothes. Where the heck did the summer go? I feel like it just started, and now its almost over. I'm so sad, summer is definitely my favorite time of year. I love the warm weather and how beautiful it is outside. For today's post I wanted to give you some ideas on how to take what your already wearing and make it work for fall weather.  In the first few photos I show how I have been styling one of my favorite dresses this summer. The second group of photos I wanted to show how you can wear the same dress for the upcoming fall weather.

I have a few styling tricks when it comes to transitioning into fall-
  • Add a scarf
  • Add a pair of tights under your dress/skirt/shorts
  • Add a jacket
  • Throw on a sweater
  • Wear boots or booties with a dress/skirt
  What's your favorite summer-to-fall transitional styling trick?


Transitional look for Fall

Summer Look 
Gray Dress H&M (sold out online): Similar Style
Black Wedge Sandals: BCBG
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Similar
Fall Look
Faux Leather Jacket: Express
Scarf Old Navy(old): Love this one
Booties(old): Obsessed with these & these


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My brother and his family are in town, we usually only get to see them once a year, I hate not having my whole family close by. I really miss them. While they are here we decided we better get family pictures done. I know I'm not the only one that can never decide what to wear for family pictures. Its so hard to not be too matchy matchy with everyone else, but at the same time kind of match the rest of the family. I finally decided on this floral top because it has lots of different colors, so I figured it would easily go with the whatever the rest of my family showed up in. I kept it pretty casual by wearing some jeans and a simple sandal, with really simple jewelry. I hope you like it. Thanks for following, I really appreciate all the sweet comments!



Jeans: Paige Denim
Shoes Kenneth Cole(old): Similar & Almost Identical
Bracelet TjMaxx: Similar Style
Ring Forever21(old): Love these & Similar 
Necklace TjMaxx(old): Similar

Monday, August 11, 2014


I hope everyone had a great weekend. Things have been crazy here! We had a flash flood and our house got flooded, so I have been MIA in the online world. These pictures were from my vacation a couple weeks ago. This was really hard for me to take pictures in my swimming suit, but I'm sick of feeling self conscious and I'm trying to rock the body I have and be happy just the way I am. This is the first one piece I have ever owned, and I really love it. It was inexpensive and was the most flattering one that I could find. I hope one day I can get back into a two piece suit and feel confident. I'm really working hard to get back to my pre-baby body, its a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I'm so jealous of those girls that have a baby and one week later they are back in their old jeans. Sorry for all the body talk but its been really hard for me to feel confident after being pregnant, I'm definitely trying to stay positive and love me for me. I have to remind myself that I created two perfect little babies at the same time, and my body is amazing for doing that. I wouldn't trade my twins for the world and I am so grateful for them, so even if I never get my pre-pregnancy body back they are so worth it. If you take one thing from this post, remember to love yourself just the way you are!

Swimsuit: Down East (sold out online, check your local store)Similar Style & Love this
Denim Shorts American Eagle(found at Down East): Similar
Flip Flops Roxy(last year): Similar Style
Sunglasses Juicy Couture via TJ Maxx: Love these & these

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This look is super comfy and great for the summer. It's lightweight and keeps me cool in this crazy heat. I love kimonos just as much as cardigans, they are so easy to throw over a tank and it dresses up your whole outfit.

Floral Kimono(old):Love this & Similar Pattern
Pants Gap(old):Similar
Tank old: Love these tops
Necklace TJ Maxx find (old): Love this
Bracelet(old): Similar Style

Monday, August 4, 2014


I had so much fun taking these pictures with my cousin. I absolutely loved spending time with my family this past week, I don't get to see my cousins enough. Not only did she take pictures for me, she also helped me out big time with my twins, thanks Laur. You will notice some big smiles in these pictures because she was cracking me up. I think she has found her future career.  She kept saying "Yeah baby, that's fierce" or "oh yeah give me a sexy face." This outfit is super comfy and easy to wear, and that's exactly what I love while on vacation. You need to be comfy because you are usually out exploring the new town, and you don't want to be worried about fussing with your clothes. I really wish I could live by the beach, its so beautiful and the sound of the water is so relaxing and almost cures any feelings of stress or worry for me. I hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to relax and let loose.

Skirt: Free People Color(Rust)
White top: Down East Basics 
Sunglasses: American Eagle
Necklace Forever21(old): Similar Style
Left hand ring: Jennifer Meyer 
Right hand ring Lucky Brand(old)