Sunday, January 18, 2015


The weather has been so weird. I haven't even needed a coat, it seriously feels odd to not be bundling up to go outside. I started eating really clean one week ago and its getting so much easier. The first couple days were so hard and I had so many cravings but its getting easier each day. I am so in love with these sunglasses I found at Target. I have been dreaming of these Karen Walker Sunglasses, but the price tag is ridiculous. When I came across these ones I was pumped because they look pretty similar for a fraction of the price. I hope you like this outfit inspiration and have a great Monday!


Shirt: Express sold out: Similar here
Leggings: Here
Booties: here & here
Purse: Cut N Paste(old): Similar style
Sunglasses: here
Ring: Similar

Monday, January 12, 2015


Today's post is all about my favorite things to wear this winter. When its beyond freezing all I want to wear are big cozy sweaters, big coats, and warm and fuzzy infinity scarves. I listed a bunch of my favorite finds that are all less than $65, everything but the coats are less than $30, I am addicted to finding good deals so I had to share these finds with you. If you want to check out the item all you have to do is click on the picture and it will take you right to it.



I wore this on a date with my hubby this past weekend. It was so fun to get out of the house and go to a movie. We went to Taken 3 and I loved it for the most part. The only thing that kind of bugged me was that Stuart was a different actor, I hate when they don't keep all the same actors/actresses when they make a series. I loved the twists in the movie, and thought they did an awesome job with the story line. Liam Neeson is such a bad ass, I kinda wish he was my dad! We ended our date with what we wanted to be a quick trip to Costco, but holy crap have you ever been to Costco on a Saturday? What a nightmare, parking is nearly impossible and there are just way too many people. I was so excited to wear this sweater I got it like a month ago from Forever 21, it sold out really fast so I'm glad I got it when I did because I know I will get a lot of wear out of it. I haven't really worn any of my Christmas clothes yet because I have kind of been hibernating since its been so cold, and I'm not going to lie I don't want to get the flu so me and the babes have stayed inside. Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate all the support and sweet comments!

Leather Jacket: Almost Identical
Pants: Here
Booties: Here
Handbag (old): Love this
Sunglasses: Here

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I cannot believe its New Years Eve, this year has flown by. It's been a great year, I feel so blessed to have good health, and an amazing loving family. I'm so grateful for so many other things but I don't want to bore you. I cant' even wait for 2015 because we are building our dream home, its going to be absolutely amazing and I'm constantly on Pinterest looking for ideas to decorate it. I hope everyone has a very safe and fun New Years Eve. Onto today's outfit, I love wearing basic colors and adding a little pop of color or leopard of course. Whether it be with a scarf, a beanie, or my shoes. I really like the focus to be on the pop of color, so I keep the rest of my outfit pretty basic with neutral colors. I got this scarf at H&M for like $5 on sale, I love when I find fabulous little gems like this for crazy good deals! This sweater is also one of my favorite sweaters, I found this at Target last year and I still love it and wear it all the time. I swear Target has the best clothes sometimes. Its really bad every time I go grocery shopping, I always seem to wander over to the clothing section and I end up leaving with more than just the food I went in for.

Sweater: Target(old): Similar
Pants: Black ones here Check in store for the tan
Bracelet: Similar
Scarf from H&M(old): Similar

Monday, December 29, 2014


I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. The holidays are the absolute best, being able to spend time with our loved ones. This Christmas was so much fun watching my kiddos play with their new toys, I think Christmas is more fun now then when I was little, I literally could not sleep on Christmas Eve because I was so anxious for my babies to open their presents. Onto todays outfit, I'm absolutely obsessed with this coat. The bottom of the sleeves are just like gloves. I wish this coat was still available so everyone could get it because I'm so in love with it. I am absolutely still in love with these booties, I have worn them a few times now and they are so comfortable. They run true to size and the quality is above and beyond. I highly recommend these shoes, they go with everything from skirts, skinnies, flares you can wear them with everything. I hope you have a great start to your week, and thanks so much for reading.


Coat- Express: Similar/Splurge & Similar/ Save
Jeans: Here
Booties: Here & Here via Duck & Dressing
Shirt: Here