Friday, December 19, 2014


So I'm about to have a little bit of a pity party, and your all invited! I've been a little bit frustrated lately and I just need to vent so I figured I would do it here. I'm going to share some fun little facts that have been driving me crazy lately. Beware some of this might be TMI.

Fact 1. Teething babies make for long days, and nights. I'm seriously worn out.

Fact 2. After nursing twins for a year, I literally have old lady boobies. They disgust me and I'm not sure how I will every feel sexy again with these saggy, flappy pieces of skin. If only I was a millionaire and could afford to get them fixed up.

Fact 3. Being a girl seriously sucks sometimes. I recently got an IUD and haven't stopped bleeding since I got it. Its crazy annoying. Plus I have had the worst mood swings since getting it. Sorry Dust.

Fact 4. I'm sick of having to tuck my mommy pooch into my jeans, literally does it ever go away?

Fact 5. I'm not sure I will ever be used to the fact that I have stretch marks and can't get rid of them. I tried everything possible to not get them. I bathed in lotions, oils and anything else that said it might help, but they still came. I hate them, I could literally cry looking in the mirror. I am so grateful for my twins and wouldn't trade them for the world, but its really hard adjusting to a different body that will never be the same. I know I'm supposed to just love my body because it created two beautiful miracles, but I hate that my freakin skin had to get these ugly stretch marks. Is it bad to say that sometimes I hate girls who have babies, they never get stretch marks and like a month later they are back in their jeans like they were never pregnant. I know its not their fault but I still sometimes hate them because I am jealous.

Fact 6. I hate that I haven't lost all of my baby weight, I'm so mad at myself. Before I had kids I was so sure that I would be back in the gym six weeks after I gave birth and I would be back in shape in no time. My twins are now 17 months old and I'm still trying to lose all this freakin weight.

Fact 7. I'm determined to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and have them fit comfortably. I spent way too much money on all those clothes to never be able to wear them again.

Fact 8. Celebrities are so lucky they can afford chefs, and personal trainers.

I guess that's all for today, but it felt pretty good to write all this down and get it out of my head, so I might just turn every Friday into a fun fact blog day. I promise I'm not fishing for compliments or trying to make anyone feel bad for me, cause I know that I am super blessed and I'm crazy grateful for everything I have in my life, I just had to vent a little. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays and has a great weekend. Sorry if this was TMI.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



I have an Ugly Sweater party this week, so I wanted to share some of my favorites I have found while trying to find the perfect one. My favorite website for these fabulously ugly sweaters is they have so many funny sweaters. This has to be one of the weirdest traditions, but its growing on me. Normally I'm stressing about finding the most fabulous outfit to wear, but now I have been on the hunt for the ugliest sweater I can find. What do you guys think about the ugly sweater parties? Do you love them, or hate them?


Monday, December 15, 2014


 I have decided you can never have too many basics in your closet, I literally have tons of white and black tops and still find myself looking for more. I feel like with a great basic top you can pair it with anything on bottom and you'll look great. Then you can dress it up if you need to with your accessories. I'm so in love with this skirt and booties that I just kept this look really simple. I just have to tell you how excited I am about these shoes! I got them from Duck & Dressing on Cyber Monday for 75% off. Yes you read that right 75% off I couldn't believe they gave such an amazing discount. I'm really hoping they do this every year because I will save up just for that sale. If you haven't checked out their website you need to they have the cutest stuff.

Shirt: Click here
Booties:Click here also available Here

Friday, December 12, 2014


My precious niece was blessed this past week and this is what I wore. I love any chance I get to dress up. What girl doesn't love to dress up every now and then. I feel like most of the time I'm in mom mode and dress strictly for comfort so I can chase my little ones around. I love going to church for many reasons but one of them has to be that I love to get all dolled up. Not only is this skirt fancy but its insanely comfortable and I love the way it hugs my curves, Express has the best skirts lately. I'm seriously obsessed. Thanks for stopping by I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Coat: click here
Shirt: (old) Similar
Skirt: click here
Shoes: Similar
ring: here

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I'm obsessed with elbow patches! Whenever I see something sweaters, cardigans, tees anything with elbow patches I have to have it. Doesn't matter the color, texture anything I just love elbow patches, its a huge selling point for me. I've had this sweater for a couple of years and it still gets tons of wear because I'm so in love with the blue elbow patches. You might notice in the pictures below my hair looks a little longer, I'm wearing my Bellami clip in extensions. If you haven't heard of them before they are my favorite out of all the clip-ins I have tried. The hair is amazing quality and the customer service was awesome to work with to help me match them to my hair.

Sweater(old): Similar here & here
Pants: here 
Shoes: here
scarf: here