Monday, June 23, 2014


I hope everyone had a great weekend, I had such a fun getaway with my family to the beach, and I'm so not ready for the weekend to be over. Onto todays outfit, I have been all about graphic tees and comfort lately. I haven't really been obsessed with Lucky Brand since like 10 years ago until recently they have had some cute stuff, especially their jewelry and handbags, and their sales have been amazing. I got this shirt for $4.18 that is an insanely good deal. I couldn't not buy it. I'm excited for The Bachelorette tonight and I have to admit something kind of embarrassing I also love Mondays because Monday Night Raw is on. Does anyone else love the WWE? I seriously think I missed my calling, I so should have become a WWE Diva. That would be the funnest job ever.

Shirt: Lucky Brand
Pants H&M (old): Similar
Shoes: Converse
Bracelet:Lucky Brand

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


After nursing twins for the past 11 months I would like to think I'm kind of an expert on the topic. I want to share my must haves over the next couple of weeks for anyone who is nursing or plans on nursing. The products I'm going to be sharing are seriously items you will use everyday, several times a day when your nursing your lil ones. The must have I'm talking about today is the one and only Udder Covers, for nursing mothers. The name says it all, I love it.  I recommend this for every mom out there. I always have my udder cover with me in my diaper bag, you just never know when your lil one is going to start screaming because they are starving. If you have had a newborn you know they don't want to wait to eat so you have to be able to bust out the boobies and nurse wherever you are. The Udder Cover is the perfect solution to nurse anywhere and be completely covered up. It's the perfect solution for nursing in public because the cotton is breathable along with an adjustable neckline. The neckline also has an opening so you can still see your lil one.

I'm so excited because Udder Covers are giving my readers %100 off of your Udder Cover, yeah you read that right. You get it for free, just pay shipping. The offer runs while supplies last and you can use the code more than once, just open a new window with each purchase.

For your FREE Udder Cover Click Here and enter code JULIETUC

Udder Cover c/o

Monday, June 16, 2014


I'm loving graphic tees a lot lately! They are comfy cute and you can make a statement without saying a word, your shirt can say it all for you. This outfit is pure casual/comfort, but I still feel put together when I'm out and about with the babies running errands. Who hasn't had a Monday where they are so not ready for the weekend to be over yet? I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to this tee. I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day yesterday. I had to post a picture of one of the presents I got for my husband, matching father/son batman socks with capes, and I'm obsessed with my lil guys cute chunky legs! Too cute! I just want to let my hubby know I am so grateful for him and the great dad/husband that he is. He is so helpful and such a great example to our lil twins. Thanks for all you do babe, I love you! I hope everyone has a great start to their week and get a lil outfit inspiration from this post.

Shirt: Kohls 
Sweater Urban Outfitters(old): Similar 
Pants H&M(old): Love these  &These 
Shoes: Birkenstock 
Bracelet: Lucky Brand 

Friday, June 13, 2014


I love these pants I wear them all the time, you can see how else I styled them here. I love pants with elastic waists and that's pretty much all I have bought since I had the twins because I will be able to wear them after I lose the rest of the weight. Plus I can't lie elastic waist pants are beyond comfortable! I'm loving wearing heals again, I feel so girly and pretty, it is so nice to get dressed up after having kids because normally I feel frumpy and gross wearing my usual sweats and spit up. I'm getting excited I will be starting my weight loss journey in just a few weeks, after I finish nursing. I'm so ready to feel fit again, and although eating lean and healthy can be hard, I love how good I feel when I do it. I can't believe in less than a month my precious little twins will be a year old.

Shirt(old): Similar
Pants: Free People &Here 
Purse Sam Edelman(old): Similar 
Necklace Lucky Brand(old): Love this
Bracelet Lucky Brand(old): Love this 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I have had my eye on this bag for a while and it finally went on sale, to make the sale even better I also got a birthday email for an additional %40 off my order. You better believe I jumped on that I got a $98 purse for only $29. Can I just talk about these shoes I'm obsessed with them, I got them for my birthday and I have worn them almost everyday. They are so comfortable and add such a great pop to any outfit! They also remind me of my Birkenstocks which I'm in love with, I'm so happy birks are back in style. They are my go to shoe for summer! Also when my shoes and bag have a lot going on I like to keep the rest of my outfit and accessories on the simple side. I hope you like it!

Shirt: Free People like 3 years old
Jeans found in mens section(old): Love these
Shoes: Free People
Bag: Lucky Brand &More colors here
Necklace Lucky Brand(old): Similar

Monday, June 9, 2014


Can I just say I love Mondays right now because I'm addicted to the Bachelorette, is that weird that I look forward to Mondays now because I can't wait to indulge in the drama. I love Andi she is my favorite Bachelorette they have ever had. I'm also so excited for Tuesday this week, its the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars!!!! PLL is my all time obsession, I can't get enough of it! Thank goodness for DVR or I would miss all my favorite shows. Ok onto todays look, these jeans are like the best find ever. I got them at Nordstrom Rack for $39 and they are Paige Denim, this is a crazy good deal because they were originally $269. When I get an awesome deal like this I am on such a high for like days, it gets me crazy excited. I love wearing just a plain white tee and dressing it up with accessories. It's simple but so me. Is anyone else into these BCBG bracelets? I think they are so cute. Happy Monday thanks for stopping by.

Tee Forever21(old): Similar
Jeans: Paige Denim & Another Color
Scarf: Zumiez & Love this too
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Bag: Steve Madden & Similar
Bracelet: BCBG
Rings: Similar

Friday, June 6, 2014


Happy Friday everyone, this week has flown by! I'm so in love with the weather, why can't it be summer all year round. I think I may need to move to Orange County, according to Vickie from the Real Housewives of Orange County its perfect weather 360 days a year. Yes I'm 100% obsessed with the Real Housewives and not just Orange County, like all of them. I'm so excited for New Jersey to start, man does it look like its going to be a drama filled season. Anyhow I'm loving bright colors, they just makes me feel so summery and happy when I wear them. My husband got me these heels for my birthday, aren't they so freakin cute?! Shoes are definitely the way to my heart!!! Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading :)

P.S. I'm a huge fan of bargain shopping and you can get this entire look I'm wearing including the jewelry and shoes for under $100, I have to say that's an awesome deal!

Cardigan Bebe (old): Similar Style
Necklace Fossil(old): Loving this 
Bracelet Similar  & Similar 
Earrings Betsey Johnson(old): Similar

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Summer Scents


What perfumes are you loving right now? My top three perfumes that I have been wearing are the Juicy Couture Noir, Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection #2, and DKNY Be Delicious. Call me crazy, but I switch up the scents I like to wear depending on the time of year. These three scents are the perfect choices for summertime, they are light and fruity and just remind me of summer. If you don't own at least one of these you have to try them out, you will be smelling all sorts of delicious with any one of them. Sometimes if I'm not sure I love the scent on me I like to try the travel size first, plus I like to put these in my purse so I can freshen up when I'm out and about. The links for the littles are right here. 1, 2, 3 Below are the scent descriptions straight from

1. Juicy Couture Noir-  This scent highlights the succulent ripe berry notes and gourmand accents, while adding a juicy touch of honeysuckle and a sultry hint of sandalwood.

2. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection #2- This Sensual Fragrance is a “floriental fruity” scent with the key ingredients of cranberry and tonka mousse.

3. DKNY Be Delicious- This juicy fragrance combines the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods.

Let me know what your favorites are because I love trying new perfumes!


Monday, June 2, 2014


My birthday was this past Friday and I had so much fun! My husband and I took the twins to the zoo, they are still a little young to think its even cool, they pay more attention to all the people there rather than the animals. I however am so fascinated by the animals, I could stay there for hours just watching them. My favorites were the lions and the apes and monkeys, we got some pretty awesome pictures of them. I've noticed as I have gotten older I care so much more about just spending the day with my family, and I don't care nearly as much about getting presents. Don't get me wrong I still love presents, but its all about my spending time with my precious little family now. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Tank(old): Similar 
Kimono(old): Love this 
Sandals: Guess 
Necklace Lucky Brand(old): Similar  
Bracelet Lucky Brand(old): Similar