Wednesday, April 30, 2014


There are two blogs that I read on a daily basis, I literally can't wait to see what they wear next, I love their style. They really inspired me to start my own blog.  I have always loved clothes and shoes, and I love getting inspiration from celebrities and other bloggers.

The first blogger that I absolutely love is Courtney Kerr from What Courtney Wore. I'm obsessed with her style and I love her short hair, if your looking for a new hairstyle. I would look to hers for inspiration.

The second blogger that I have loved following and getting outfit inspiration is Cara from Cara Loren  I'm pretty sure I have loved every single outfit she has ever put on her blog. She is absolutely gorgeous and has the most perfect hair ever.
 If you haven't checked out these two blogs you are seriously missing out, they have amazing style and will for sure make you want to go shopping. I can only hope to one day have a successful blog like theirs. Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014



I'm so in love with these leopard pants, leopard is for sure one of my favorite things in the world to wear. I just feel so fun and girly when I wear leopard! I'm also a huge fan of cardigans and this one is perfect for spring because its short sleeves. I will be wearing these pants in the summer as well because they are such a light material they won't be too hot, I'll just add a great pair of sandals instead of my favorite go to booties. This outfit has been worn quite a few times recently because it has leopard and studs which are some of my top fashion picks right now.
Here are a few tips if you want to Rock Leopard Pants too
  • Leopard pants will look great with any solid colored top.
  • To wear them for a nighttime look where with heels and a dressier top.   
  • To wear them for a casual daytime look, wear them with a plain tee or a chunky sweater, Converse shoes, and even throw on a beanie.
  • For a more playful look throw on your favorite graphic tee.
  • I recommend keeping the leopard item as your main focus of the outfit.


Pants: Forever 21
Shoes(old): Similar
Shirt(old): Similar
Sweater Urban Outfitters(old): Love this

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I'm such a huge fan of graphic tees, they are comfy and you can really make a statement with them. I feel like they are so easy to wear casually or you can easily dress them up with just a change of shoes, and a handbag I have created four looks below of my favorite ways to rock graphic tees.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I'm loving hats right now, they make it so easy to rock dirty or messy hair. You can just throw it on and your ready, no need to do your hair. I don't know about you but I'm the girl who waits until the last second until I have to get ready. I don't know why I've just always been that way. It's like I'm allergic to getting ready before I have to. Maybe I like the race against the clock I'm not sure. Fedora hats are a for sure favorite of mine, I love all types of hats but fedoras are probably my number one right now. Are you a fan of them? Would you wear a fedora? 

Hat(old): Similar
Jacket(old): Similar

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend, it went by way too fast. I feel like every weekend flies by. Holidays with kids is so much fun, you get to be a kid all over again. Easter egg hunts and coloring eggs. I love it. This outfit is so perfect for my life right now. Its pure comfort and I still feel put together when I'm out and about with the babies. I love it because I can be down on the ground playing with them and not worry about getting dirty since my pants are black. I used to live in high heels and I've noticed since having kids I'm way more into tennis shoes and flats because your constantly carrying car seats and pushing strollers you need to have comfy shoes on. Can we just talk about my pants here, I found them in the boys section at H&M sometimes I swear I like boys pants and shorts better than girls because they aren't little booty shorts. I feel like all the shorts out right now are itty bitty and I like my shorts a little longer, so don't be afraid to check out the boys section they have a great selection of cute shorts right now. I also wanted to mention if anyone has been looking for the perfect Diaper bag, Petunia Pickle Bottom is the way to go, I know they are pricey but they hold up so well and are so functional. I know I will use this bag forever. Have a great Monday and thanks for following!

Sincerely, Juliet

Jacket: H&M 
Black Tee: Down East
Shorts: H&M in store mens section: Similar
Converse(old): Custom Made Converse

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Better than False Eyelashes

Yesterday I was introduced to this and I have officially found the best thing ever to add length to your eyelashes and its so easy to apply. Wait till you see the pictures below I was so surprised by the results. I can't lie I was skeptical when I first heard about this product because I'm pretty sure I've tried every lengthening mascara and even Lilash but this product is the BOMB, it REALLY WORKS. I'm so glad I tried it because I'm hooked and now I can have amazing eyelashes without having to mess with glue and false lashes. You have to try it, I promise you will be glad you did. 
What it is: Its a new eyelash enhancing duo that provides a %300 increase in thickness and volume to your lashes while still looking real and natural. Its water resistant, safe for contact lenses, and washes off easily with soap and water.
Your kit comes with 1 tube of Transplanting Gel and 1 tube of Natural Fibers for $29 which is well worth the price because I only used one coat and got amazing results. My regular MAC mascara is $16 and every time I use it I do at least 2-3 coats. I'll keep you updated how many months it lasts.
Its comes in the cutest case, I love it!

Above: Left eye one coat of Younique Moodstruck, Right eye no mascara
Above: Left eye one coat of  Younique Moodstruck, Right eye one coat of MAC zoom lash

Above & Below picture: Both eyes one coat of Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
How to order this amazing 3D Fiber Lash Mascara
 Click Nichole's name below, she is my awesome friend who introduced me to this amazing product
Follow her on Facebook
You can also email her at or call her at 801-540-1689
Nichole has nothing but amazing things to say about Younique and if anyone is interested in becoming a presenter, the kit is $99 and has over $400 worth of makeup. Your website is free, no fees ever. Contact Nichole if your interested in joining a great company.

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Makeup Routine

I absolutely love makeup, I love trying new brands and have tried a little bit of everything and have found my favorites. I'm excited to share my favorites with you guys and hopefully some of them will work for you as well.

  • BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional: I'm obsessed with this product, I've tried several other primers and this is my favorite.  I love it because it minimizes the appearance of my pores and helps my makeup stay put. It makes your skin feel so silky, I wear it under my makeup because it creates a smooth silky surface so your makeup applies so much better than without it. Its really easy to apply to your skin, I just start in the center of the face  and work outward. Wait a few seconds and then apply makeup.

  • JOSIE MARAN Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon (I use Fair 1): My favorite new concealer, its so easy to use and you literally just draw it on your face like a crayon. This concealer is super hydrating doesn't look cakey, and the main reason I love it is that it doesn't cause creases like other concealers I have tried. It's really easy to blend and  it comes with a self-sharpening, twist-up tip which is the icing on the cake. This concealer is a must have in my book. I just blend this in with my finger tips or my beauty blender.

  • MAC COSMETICS STUDIO FIX Powder Plus Foundation: (I use NC20): I have tried what seems like a million other types of foundations and powders and this is my number one choice and probably always will be. The first time I used this product was in high school and I'm pretty sure this will be a favorite of mine for life. This gives the best coverage ever, it makes my skin look flawless and the best part is it lasts forever(I'm talking months) You also don't need any of those super expensive brushes to apply it with, it comes with a sponge and that's what I love to apply it with and just recently I have been using the beauty blender and love it. I've tried other MAC brushes to apply it but I find the sponge applies it just fine. This powder is really easy to apply its a one-step powder and foundation that gives you a flawless full-coverage finish. It lasts all day. I will touch up like once in the day sometimes.

  • SMASHBOX  Bronze Lights   (I use sunkissed matte): One of my favorite bronzers, I tried this originally because I saw that Kim Kardashian used it and now I know why she does. Its fabulous. I love that it goes on matte. Sometimes I felt like when I would use shimmery bronzer it would make me look dirty or like my makeup was cakey. I also like some of the MAC bronzers but I would say this is my favorite.

  • NARS Blush (I use orgasm): My all time favorite blush and not just because of the name! This blush is the perfect peachy pink color and I feel like it would work great on a range of skin tones. I use it year round whether I'm a little more tan or white. I feel like it gives you a healthy pretty glow.

  • URBAN DECAY Naked Palette  : If you have never tried Urban Decay eye shadows you are missing out they are definitely comparable to MAC. The pigment in them is amazing they are so easy to work with and blend. I love the Naked palette it has the perfect basic colors that every girl can use. I want to try the 2nd and 3rd Naked palettes so bad. Does anyone have them? Which one of the Naked Palettes is your favorite?

  • MAC COSMETICS Fluidline eyeliner:  This eyeliner is gel and is really easy to work with, you can blend it out to make the perfect smokey eye effect, you can use it to get a softer finish. It's amazing to get really precise perfect lines as well. Its the best long-wearing eyeliner and also the only eyeliner that I have found to stay put on my water line. It's literally smudge-proof. I use blacktrack and rich ground which is an amazing bronzey brown color the most. You want to apply it with an angled brush as pictured above.

  • MAC COSMETICS Zoom Lash Mascara: (Zoom Black) Your search for the perfect mascara is over, I'm 100% addicted and obsessed with this mascara. Its so black and goes on perfect every time. It never runs or flakes off even after having it on for 12 hours. I cannot say enough good things about it. Its a must have for sure. I usually do 2-3 coats of mascara.

  •  STILA Color Me Glossy Lip Gloss:  (Set of 9 colors) I'm not a huge lipstick wearer. I think other girls look so pretty wearing the bright red and bright pink lipsticks but when I try it I feel like I look so weird. I don't know I haven't dared to rock it outside of my house yet. These are my all time favorite lip glosses and they always come in these perfect little kits so you have a ton of colors that will look great on anyone.

I don't use any crazy expensive special brushes to apply my makeup, I usually get the MAC Cosmetics sets at Christmas time, because you can get like five brushes for the price of one of their normal brushes. I know brushes can make a huge difference in how your makeup applies but I just can't get myself to spend hundreds of dollars to get the perfect collection of them. I do however have one major recommendation and its the beauty blender to apply your powder/foundation and also to blend your concealer. The beautyblender sponge can be used with liquid, cream, powder, loose, or pressed, it works with everything. I highly recommend it to get a flawless face.

Well there you have it my must have makeup items. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for checking out my blog.

sincerely, Juliet

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pajama Jeans

It's Friday!!!! Yahoo!!! I have found my dream pants and they are Rag & Bone pajama jeans. These are the best pants I have ever owned, no joke. I'm obsessed I wear them all the time, they trip me out because I know I'm wearing sweat pants but when I look in the mirror its like I'm wearing jeans. I love them because they trick everyone. People will comment they love my jeans and I'm like, you'll never believe this but they aren't jeans, they are sweatpants. I can't say enough good things about these pants, I absolutely 100 percent love love love these pants. Best purchase ever. I'm in a loving everything mood right now, because I have also been loving the weather. No more being cooped up in the house, the sun is out and we are all loving it, Dozer especially he loves walks. Anytime he hears the word walk he is jumping up and down and can't wait to get outside. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and soaking up some vitamin D. Have a great weekend!!!
Pajama Jeans: Rag & Bone
Shirt(old): Cute
Cardigan: Gap 
Shoes(old): similar
Ring by bing bang(old): newer version
Bracelet Diesel(old): this years version

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Pants

I can't believe its already Monday, the weekends fly by way too fast. Lets jump right into todays outfit,  I just want to say I'm loving the trends in fashion this spring, especially all of the comfortable pants. I hope they never go out of style because there is nothing better than looking and feeling cute and to top that off you feel like your wearing lounge pants. I can't lie I have never been a big fan of wearing jeans, to me they aren't comfy. Growing up my mom had to beg me to wear them to school.  One of my favorite stores for pants is Free People, but they can be pricey. I got lucky and scored these at Nordstrom Rack for more than half off of the regular price. Another store with great selection that has a lower price point is H&M. 
You will start to notice I wear a lot of cardigans, I'm obsessed with them I have them in every color because they always fit whether you gain or lose weight, which is fabulous especially when your going through a pregnancy and then trying to lose the weight. Your body changes shape so much that its great to have cardigans to throw over any t-shirt or tank top. Cardigans are a must have for every girl, definitely a staple item in my book. 
I hope everyone has a great Monday! Let me know if you have any requests for future blog posts. Love you guys and thanks for following.

Tee(old): Love this
Purse Sam Edelman(old): Love this &This

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cross your fingers

I'm really crossing my fingers this was the last snow storm until next winter I'm so ready for some sunshine and warm weather. I can't wait to play outside with my babies, anytime it's warm enough to take them on a walk they absolutely love it! Now is the perfect time to stock up on beanies and gloves for next winter they are so cheap right now, H&M has a bunch of cute scarves and beanies for like $5 in store. The sweatpants I'm wearing below are one of my favorite pairs they are super cute and I feel like you can dress them up or down, they are from H&M. I swear H&M has the best selection of cute sweatpants, you have got to check it out if you haven't. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 

Sweatpants H&M(sold out online): really similar
Jacket(old): almost identical 
Shirt Free People: It's half off now
beanie(old): similar
gloves(old): similar
Shoes: Steve Madden