Sunday, March 30, 2014

Leopard Snow

Wow it has been a crazy week with weather, like two days ago I was outside with no jacket and yesterday it was snowing like crazy. Don't get me wrong I'm so excited for spring and summer weather but I was really happy I got to rock my leopard coat one more time because I absolutely love it. I also think when it snows you can capture some pretty cool pictures. I have been obsessed with wedges since becoming a mom. High heels aren't practical for me right now because I'm scared I'll trip and fall and drop the car seat. I also love the type of dress I have on below because it fits your body through all shapes and sizes. I wore it all the time pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and now after. They don't sell it anymore at Express but I put a link below to one just like it, so be sure to check it out. Thanks so much for following I really appreciate it.

Coat Guess (old): similar 
Dress Express (old): similar
Tights: H&M
Purse Betsey Johnson(old): Similar
Gloves(old): similar

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My skincare Routine

I feel like my skincare routine is pretty simple I have tried so many different brands of face washes, toners, and lotions and I always come back to Clinique's 3-step skincare for skin type 2: dry combination skin.  It just works for my skin. Sometimes when I run out I don't want to spend the money on it cause it is a little pricey but I always regret when I try something else, I feel like every time I try other stuff my skin feels dry or my makeup doesn't apply the same. Clinique doesn't dry my face out and never once has irritated my skin. Also when I do get an occasional breakout it clears it up fairly quickly. I love this stuff. I used it for the first time when I was in high school and it worked for me then and I still absolutely love it.

Step 1: I use equate cleansing cloths and water to remove my makeup. I've found for me that water removes my mascara better than any makeup remover I have tried, then I wipe the rest of my makeup off with these equate cloths. I just get them at Walmart. 

Step 2:  I use one squirt of the liquid facial soap mild. rinse it off with water and blot dry with a dry wash cloth. 

Step 3: I put a little bit of the clarifying lotion 2 on a cotton ball and rub it all over my face, it makes my skin feel so fresh and clean, this is my favorite thing it kinda tingles. I feel like it gets rid of that dead flakey skin.

Step 4: The last part of my skincare routine I use dramatically different moisturizer. This is my favorite lotion of all time, I've tried more expensive and supposedly better lotions but this one is my all time favorite that I always come back to.

One last thing Dont pick at your face. However there is one exception, if you have a nasty whitehead please pop it, but once you see blood step away from the zit! 

I almost forgot Dillards is having their clinique bonus right now but it ends today so if you need anything from clinique I would get it now. 

Denim Jackets are a Perfect Staple

Normally I feel like its really hard to keep up with fashion trends but one item I've noticed I never get rid of are my denim jackets. I still wear denim jackets from a decade ago, its like they don't go out of style. I believe that's because there are so many different ways to wear them and they work with every body type. In my opinion denim jackets are a must-have for any fashionable girls wardrobe. They do so much more than keep you warm. They add style to any outfit, you can wear it over a basic shirt or layer it with button ups or hoodies. Below I have styled one of my favorite jackets that I scored for like $24 from down east really casual by pairing it with a basic white tee and sweat pants. You can seriously use a denim jacket to spice up any plain outfit, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a great denim jacket.

Jacket True Religion(old): similar 
T-shirt(old): similar 
Pants Harajuku Lovers(old): similar  & Similar
Purse Sam Edelman gift from parents for Christmas (sold out): this is cute and same shape
shoes (old): Need these
sunglasses: Guess

Monday, March 24, 2014

All Black and a Pop of Leopard

Happy Monday I hope everyone had a great weekend. I love weekends where I can just hang out with my husband and babies. This weekend was extra special because I was able to hang out with some friends I haven't seen in years and it was great to catch up with them and see all of their cute kids. I'm still loving all black because I feel like its slimming and its an easy go to if your in a rush to throw an outfit together. I'm sure if you have looked at my blog at all you know that leopard is an obsession of mine. To me you can't go wrong with all black and a pop of leopard. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and I hope you have a great start to the week.

Shirt Lauren Conrad (old): Similar 
Pants: Converse 
Shoes: Similar 
Purse Sam Edelman (old): similar 
Sunglasses: Guess 
Bracelet Jessica Simpson(old): similar

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rocker Chic

Here are my top 3 tips to add a little rocker chic to your closet
#1- Black skinny pants are a must-have when it comes to pulling together an outfit that screams rocker-chic. Whether you prefer leather, faux leather, mineral-washed, shredded, or plain, you just can’t get the look without a great pair of skinny black pants.
#2- Every girl needs some ankle booties in their closet, if you want to give your wardrobe an edgy vibe, your going to want a studded pair. They can add some toughness to any outfit and give you a little extra edge.
#3- Leather jackets are a great way to look rocker chic. You can also mix it up and wear a jacket with some leather sleeves and make sure it has some studs to get that edgy vibe.

Camo Jacket: BCBG
Shirt: Gap
pants (old): I need these
Booties (old): Similar Forever 21
Necklace (old) : similar style love this & this
Ring (old): Love this

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All About Ombre

I'm a huge fan of ombre color, it's perfectly imperfect. I just had my hair colored and I went pretty close to my natural color at my roots and I plan on experimenting with the tips. I kept the tips more natural for now and as it gets closer to summer I might lighten the ends up a little more. One of the main reasons I love it is that its low maintenance which is perfect for anyone. Another reason I love it is because its different and not everyone has it. It’s not an all over color, and it's much different than having highlights too. Ombre hair is simply unique, and can be customized to your style. Whether you want it more dramatic with a darker base and lighter ends or if you want it subtle and very blended you can create whatever look you desire.  Ombre is a perfect choice if you like to experiment on your hair. For example its great if a blonde wants to transition into going darker, its not as shocking as if you were to go all dark. Its also really great for those of you who want to grow out your natural hair color, ombre allows you to keep your natural hues at the roots and with the ends you can do something unique that suits your style. Ombre is also great for adding depth and definition to your hair especially when you style it wavy or curly.

A few of my favorite celebrities who are currently rocking the ombre trend

Kylie Jenner is rockin a more dramatic version of the ombre and it fits her edgy style perfectly.

Rachel Bilson was one of the first celebrities I can think of that had her hair colored ombre, and I think it looks great on her and warms up her complexion a bit. Perfect look for her.

Lucy Hale usually has all over dark brown hair, but just recently blended some golden blonde tones to her ends for a warmer look and I am obsessing over this on her. I Love It!!!
P.S. Is anyone else as obsessed as I am with Pretty Little Liars?! I couldn't believe the finale yesterday OMG!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Touch of Green for St. Patty's Day

I hope everyone had a fun St. Patrick's Day! Holidays are so much more fun now that I have kids. Dressing them up in cute holiday outfits is the best thing ever, they look beyond adorable. I love to wear all black and then add a pop of color and since it was st. patty's day green was the perfect color to add. These tights are my favorite because they are fleece lined which makes them perfect on a cool day to keep you warm. 
Jacket: Express
Skirt (old): similar
Shirt (old): almost identical
tights: H&M
shoes (old): similar
purse Betsey Johnson: similar

Thursday, March 13, 2014

If you need some workout motivation, I have an idea!

I used to workout in old sweats and an old t-shirt. I thought there was no point in dressing up when I was just going to get all gross and sweaty. Since having babies I have learned that putting a little more thought into what I wear while working out actually motivates me to get my workout on! I think it might be because most days I'm wearing sweats with spit up on them, so even getting dressed in cute gym clothes gets me motivated. 

 Just recently I've noticed colorful sneakers and cute tops, with some flattering yoga pants have really gotten me excited about working out again. 

If your like me and trying to lose the baby weight or you just need some extra motivation get some cute workout gear that makes you feel confident and cute, and as a result, I promise you'll be more motivated to get your work out on. 

Ps I'm crazy jealous of all the girls who Breastfeed and the weight magically disappears, I'm workin out, eating healthy and these extra lbs are just not going anywhere. Am I the only one who can't lose weight while breastfeeding? If anyone has any tips please share! 

Nike Pants: Nike also Dicks Sporting Goods
Jacket (old): similar
Shoes (old): Love these & these & these
Awesome car seat covers made by my mom

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

All About Camo

I'm still huge into the Camo print trend. In my book you can totally wear it without looking like your in the army. If you want to rock this trend too your going to focus on one key element of an outfit. For example if you found some camo pants you love, or some camo shoes your going to want to keep the focus on that item so make sure the rest of your outfit is simple and wear complimentary colors to ensure that you look on trend. Below I'm wearing my favorite camo sweatpants with a gray tee, paired with my fave denim jacket. Find your perfect camo piece to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Junk Food T-Shirt: Love this Junk Food Tee 
Camo Sweats by NSF: Similar
Beanie: Neff
Converse shoes: similar
Purse Lucky Brand: Love this

Monday, March 10, 2014

Neon Grunge

I'm loving the weather lately, only having to wear a light jacket instead of totally bundling up is awesome. Bring on the sunshine! One of my favorite things to wear lately is baggy boyfriend jeans (I buy like 3 sizes bigger than my normal size because I love them really baggy) they are so comfortable and as always anything with studs I love. I have had this jacket for years and its still a go to piece that I will continue to wear over and over, and in my book you can't go wrong with a pair of converse. I hope you like the grunge look as much as I do, when you want to dress grunge a key staple will be distressed jeans and also your favorite band tee. Grunge is mostly about being comfortable so sneakers are also a must.


Sunglasses: Guess I got them at the Mall of America last year- This years version
Jacket: Urban Outfitters (old)- similar and similar
Tank Top: Junk Food (old)- Love this
Jeans: American Eagle ($14 at Down East Home)-  similar @American Eagle
Shoes: Converse (old)- Need These
Purse: Lucky Brand (old)- Similar

Friday, March 7, 2014

Moccassins are a must

I just realized everything I wore this past week involved leopard, I think I may have a problem. I'm a little obsessed with leopard print! I promise I really have other prints in my closet. This outfit is pure comfort which works great when I'm takin care of my lil babes. My hubby got me these pants for Christmas and I absolutely love them they are so comfortable but they look more put together than plain sweat pants. I love this jacket, I got it for a great deal at Nordstrom Rack for only $16. I am such a bargain shopper I like to think of it like hunting. Boys like to hunt for deer and I like to hunt for a great deal on clothes.  I've been really into moccasins lately they are so easy to throw on and are beyond comfy.  These are by Jeffrey Campbell and I gotta say they are the cutest ones I have ever found, and you'll never guess, yep I got them on clearance!

Jacket Nordstrom Rack: almost identical
Long sleeve black tee-old: Similar
Leopard Pants sold out: similar H&M &Similar
Moccasins by Jeffrey Campbell-old: Obsessed with these
Purse: Cut N' Paste- old: similar
Thanks so much for following I really appreciate it!