Wednesday, January 28, 2015


As soon as I saw that Urban Decay was coming out with a perversion mascara, I knew I had to try it because my absolute favorite black pencil eyeliner is Urban Decay's Perversion. You can use just the mascara alone, or you can pair it with the Subversion Lash Primer. I have tried it both ways and to be honest I don't notice a difference when I use the lash primer, I wouldn't waste your money on it. I know I won't be buying it again. For the most part I love the Urban Decay Perversion mascara because it is so black, and when I wear mascara I want it to be as dark as possible. I love the texture of it, it applies so smooth and doesn't clump. I usually apply two to three coats and it looks perfect. I do have one negative and it's the reason I won't be buying it again, After about an hour of having this mascara on it always comes off on my eyelids and I hate that.  It drives me crazy when a mascara leaves black residue on my eyelids.  I use Urban Decays all nighter long-lasting setting spray which I am in love with (this stuff really keeps your makeup looking flawless for hours) but for some reason even with the setting spray the perversion mascara still rubs off onto my eyelids. I have really dry skin so I usually never have issues with makeup running. I would not recommend either of these products. If they could fix the formula to not rub off onto your eyelids it would be my new favorite mascara for sure. Until they fix that I will continue to use my number one and all time favorite for the last six years mascara by MAC called Zoom lash. Best mascara on the market in my opinion.

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