Monday, October 13, 2014


I love wearing scarfs in the fall and especially the winter. Today I want to show you guys a few different ways to wear a scarf step by step. I hope you like this and have a great start to your week.

Loop Pull Through
Step 1: Fold scarf in half
Step 2: Fold in half again

Step 3: Make a loop 

Step 4: Drape around neck with looped end on one shoulder

Step 4: Pull long end through the loop

Step 5: Tighten and fluff to your liking

Scarf Express(old): Almost Identical
Wrap Around
Step 1: Fold scarf in half
Step 2: Drape scarf around front of neck

Step 3: Cross scarf behind your neck

Step 4: Pull ends of scarf in front of your shoulders, fluff scarf to your liking

Tie wrap around
Step1: Tie opposite ends of scarf together
Step 2: Loop scarf over your head and place on shoulders

Step 3: Twist scarf to make another Loop to pull over your head (like you would do an infinity scarf)

Step 4: Fluff and style to your liking

Scarf Express(old): Almost Idenitcal 

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