Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Monday September 1st was day one of my 21 day fix, and I can't lie it was really hard. They make it easy for you and give you a chart of what workouts you need to do that day. I completed the total body cardio fix and I thought I was going to pass out. I had to do some of the modified versions for certain exercises because I felt like I was going to die, it was tough. I'm hoping working out gets easier as I continue to do it everyday. I never want to get this out of shape again, cause its much harder losing the weight, than maintaining your weight. 

Before you begin you have to figure out your calorie level, they give you some easy math to figure out where you should be. I fall into the 1,200-1,499 category. As you can see below it shows how many of each container you get to eat. The containers are color coded so it is really easy to figure out. No counting calories you just fill up your containers and that's what you can eat for the day. I felt really weak yesterday because I'm used to eating more carbs than this program allows, but I feel like my body will adjust. On the left side of the chart it shows the color of container, and the right side shows how many of that color you get that day.

In the picture below it shows what the color of the container represents, for instance green is for vegetables. The booklet also has listed the food options you can use to fill your containers. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing examples of what I have been eating for meals and snacks. I'll also let you know how my workouts are going. I feel like blogging about this is going to help keep me accountable.

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