Tuesday, June 17, 2014


After nursing twins for the past 11 months I would like to think I'm kind of an expert on the topic. I want to share my must haves over the next couple of weeks for anyone who is nursing or plans on nursing. The products I'm going to be sharing are seriously items you will use everyday, several times a day when your nursing your lil ones. The must have I'm talking about today is the one and only Udder Covers, for nursing mothers. The name says it all, I love it.  I recommend this for every mom out there. I always have my udder cover with me in my diaper bag, you just never know when your lil one is going to start screaming because they are starving. If you have had a newborn you know they don't want to wait to eat so you have to be able to bust out the boobies and nurse wherever you are. The Udder Cover is the perfect solution to nurse anywhere and be completely covered up. It's the perfect solution for nursing in public because the cotton is breathable along with an adjustable neckline. The neckline also has an opening so you can still see your lil one.

I'm so excited because Udder Covers are giving my readers %100 off of your Udder Cover, yeah you read that right. You get it for free, just pay shipping. The offer runs while supplies last and you can use the code more than once, just open a new window with each purchase.

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