Sunday, April 20, 2014


I hope everyone had a fun Easter weekend, it went by way too fast. I feel like every weekend flies by. Holidays with kids is so much fun, you get to be a kid all over again. Easter egg hunts and coloring eggs. I love it. This outfit is so perfect for my life right now. Its pure comfort and I still feel put together when I'm out and about with the babies. I love it because I can be down on the ground playing with them and not worry about getting dirty since my pants are black. I used to live in high heels and I've noticed since having kids I'm way more into tennis shoes and flats because your constantly carrying car seats and pushing strollers you need to have comfy shoes on. Can we just talk about my pants here, I found them in the boys section at H&M sometimes I swear I like boys pants and shorts better than girls because they aren't little booty shorts. I feel like all the shorts out right now are itty bitty and I like my shorts a little longer, so don't be afraid to check out the boys section they have a great selection of cute shorts right now. I also wanted to mention if anyone has been looking for the perfect Diaper bag, Petunia Pickle Bottom is the way to go, I know they are pricey but they hold up so well and are so functional. I know I will use this bag forever. Have a great Monday and thanks for following!

Sincerely, Juliet

Jacket: H&M 
Black Tee: Down East
Shorts: H&M in store mens section: Similar
Converse(old): Custom Made Converse