Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All About Ombre

I'm a huge fan of ombre color, it's perfectly imperfect. I just had my hair colored and I went pretty close to my natural color at my roots and I plan on experimenting with the tips. I kept the tips more natural for now and as it gets closer to summer I might lighten the ends up a little more. One of the main reasons I love it is that its low maintenance which is perfect for anyone. Another reason I love it is because its different and not everyone has it. It’s not an all over color, and it's much different than having highlights too. Ombre hair is simply unique, and can be customized to your style. Whether you want it more dramatic with a darker base and lighter ends or if you want it subtle and very blended you can create whatever look you desire.  Ombre is a perfect choice if you like to experiment on your hair. For example its great if a blonde wants to transition into going darker, its not as shocking as if you were to go all dark. Its also really great for those of you who want to grow out your natural hair color, ombre allows you to keep your natural hues at the roots and with the ends you can do something unique that suits your style. Ombre is also great for adding depth and definition to your hair especially when you style it wavy or curly.

A few of my favorite celebrities who are currently rocking the ombre trend

Kylie Jenner is rockin a more dramatic version of the ombre and it fits her edgy style perfectly.

Rachel Bilson was one of the first celebrities I can think of that had her hair colored ombre, and I think it looks great on her and warms up her complexion a bit. Perfect look for her.

Lucy Hale usually has all over dark brown hair, but just recently blended some golden blonde tones to her ends for a warmer look and I am obsessing over this on her. I Love It!!!
P.S. Is anyone else as obsessed as I am with Pretty Little Liars?! I couldn't believe the finale yesterday OMG!!!

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