Saturday, February 22, 2014

Why do we chop our hair off knowing we wont like it?!

I know I'm not the only one who finally gets their hair the way they want and then of course we are bored with it and make the awesome decision of cutting it all off!!!

I finally got my hair the length I wanted it, then of course I got bored and chopped it!
December 2011
I loved it short for like a week cause I was loving having something new.
Within a couple months I got tape-in extensions and loved them but got sick of it taking forever to style, so of course what's a girl to do but to take out the extensions and cut her hair AGAIN!
(don't mind my no makeup look)
I still can't believe I chopped it all off, this is the shortest it has been since I was born. I'm pretty sure I cried and didn't want to go in public for a week straight after I cut all my hair off. immediately I regret my decision and began growing it out and I haven't cut it since, besides trims. Here began my journey of growing my hair out for good, this was August 2012.
The journey of growing out my hair began, headbands and hats became my best friends!

The thing that also helped a lot with the growing out process was tape-in extensions on my sides so I had more of an A-line look rather than a mullet.

 October 2012

Masks also help when growing your hair out and your having one of those days when you feel super ugly.
We found out we were pregnant November 30, 2012 and I was like yes my hair is about to grow like crazy, because that's what I've heard about pregnancy. Apparently I'm not one of the lucky ones my hair didn't grow super fast.
Just over halfway with the twins and my hair had only grown a couple of inches.
Fast forward to December 2013 and my hair is just below my shoulders and so the journey of growing my hair out continues on!!!

This is my favorite comic about girls and our hair because its so beyond true!

Has anyone else gone through this awesome journey of cutting their hair off and then taking years to grow it back out?

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